Special Matches

Special Matches are big in size and handy for lighting stoves, and candles. Mega-size boxes will allow more Splints is fill the box and splints length also increase for easy handling purposes. Special Safety Match Box is big for making it safe while striking.


Executive Match Box

Box Size: 100MM x 55MM x 20MM
Stick Size:42MM x 2MM x 2 MM
No.of Sticks: 40 Sticks in 1 Box
10's in carton Shrink Bag

Cylindrical Match box

Box Size: 19MM x 53MM x16 MM
Stick Size: 42MM x 2MM x 2 MM
No.of Sticks:100 Sticks in a Box
2 Box in a Shrink Bag 40’s

Royal Match box

Box Size: 53MM x 40MM x 10MM
Stick Size: 53MM x 40MM x 10MM
No.of Sticks:10 Sticks in a Box
10's in a pack 40’s