What do we do? We are kaliswari Matches

Kaliswari matches provide the deluxe extension of safety matches, giving you our wide range of promotional and brand-enhancing products along with delivering quality, service and value. Also, we are the largest manufacturer/producer of safety matches exporters, focusing on excellence.

We are actively manufacturing and exporting the safety matches to safer hands. Furthermore, our large widened capacity area helps bring the products to the desired quality and cater to even larger capacity orders.



Looking for premium export products from India?
Let us know your requirement

    For Domestic – contact
    Mr. K. Balamurugan ( Manager) – 9789771501
    Mr. C. Balamurugan – 8825758076
    Mr. B. Vetrivel – 9789771504

    For Export – contact
    Mr. R. Shenbagarajan ( Partner ) –  9894788857
    Mr. A. D. Padmanaban – 701098551
    A. Krishnaveni – 9245576338
    Mr. Thangapandi – 8144672643