Why choose us?

Kaliswari matches have impressed hundreds and thousands of customers with our products and services. For them, we are a trustworthy manufacturer of Safety Match Box, Cardboard Safety Matches, Matches Box, Kitchen Matches, etc.

We have emerged across India as an entrusted safety matches exporters to Africa and many other countries that consider its customers first. Hence, nothing is more important than providing them with high-quality offerings and watching them pleased.               

Preferred brand for customers across global

Products are manufactured as per the custom standards

High quality guaranteed

Leading manufacturer and exporter by maintaining required criteria.

Who are we?

Kaliswari Matches is an esteemed organization of experts recognized for superior customer service and excellent safety and compliance record.
Customers who have given us a chance have observed that we make them feel as important as they are to us. Our existence in the industry builds for them, so we strive to produce premium end safety matches that ensure long-lasting. Became a global safety matches exporters focusing only on client satisfaction and attributes. We follow advanced techniques in quality checking, and our well-equipped lab assures the quality before finished products move from our hands. However, based on the buyer’s request, we will undergo third-party testing for our matches.

Known for:

Length and Quality of the matchsticks

Handling by the experts

Lighting quality

Flawless strike


Welcome to Kaliswari Colour Matches

Kaliswari Matches are a High quality safety match box manufacturers with over 99+ years in the industry. We are one of the largest, oldest and most experienced manufacturers overall. Believing in customer satisfaction and encouraging us to work further to provide the best.


They are the potential safety matches manufacturer. Thank you for delivering the best out of the best


Top notch customer service, good striking quality. Will recommend this product to many other buyers too


Thank you for delivering the product on the estimated time. Loved the experience with the brand. Must buy!



Years of Quality

Sri Kaliswari Colour Match works are one of the oldest and largest manufacturer and exporter of safety matches with 99 years of expertise.


Match Boxes Per Day

Sri Kaliswari Colour Match Works develops, manufactures, markets, and sells quality Safety Matches with a capacity of 10000+ matchboxes per day.



Being one of the largest and oldest manufacturers Sri Kaliswari colour match works exports to 30+ countries across the globe.

Targeting to provide the excellent product
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