We, Sri Kaliswari Colour Match works , Sivakasi are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Safety Matches in India. Our Industry was established in 1923 by Sri. A.shanmuga Nadar who was the founder of this organisation. This is a Partnership concern. We are manufacturing KaKa & Kalicock brand matches which include Deluxe matches, Cardboard matches, Veneer matches, Carbonised matches, Damp proof matches and Classic matches (Family Pack). Our products are supplied throughout India and have earned a very good reputation. The quality of our matches is far superior than our competitors cause our production is carried out under the control of highly experienced technicians. We hope & believe strongly that you will give us an opportunity to meet your demands through our products.


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We are happy to show you our broad range of promotional and image enhancing products. We deliver quality, service and value. Excellence in manufacturing has enabled us to become the largest producer of matches

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